We’ve been ordering from Superjuice for a year and we are extremely happy with the quality of the juice as well as the service. From ordering to delivery, the experience is flawless. My husband has actually said to me before that his daily happiness depends on whether he has Superjuice. I guess that’s easy! ( Having ordered juice for our office meetings, too, I can confidently say that my colleagues are extatic when they see the colorful bottles appear from the bags. If that wasn’t already enough: the value compared to other juice providers is fantastic. Fair price for freshness. We hope to stay long-term Superjuice customers and advocates as we absolutely love the juices and the awesome team who create and deliver them. Thanks, Superjuice!

Boda Eszter / Cresca Group

Amellett, hogy nagyon finom és egészséges leveket készítenek, kiszámítható és megbízható csapat. Igazi partnerek, kellő rugalmassággal és odafigyeléssel.

Prauda Gergő / Mártogatós Catering

A legjobb minőség és ár – érték arány. Gyorsak és rugalmasak.

H. Anita / juice fogyasztó