Drink water or herbal tee. Start your day a cup of water with lemon first in the morning. This enables you to wake up your digestion system. Reduce all of these drink like coffee, alcohol, energy drinks, coke, chips, junk food, saturated fat. Move your body. Yoga can help relax your body and mind. Let your body sweating, kicking out the toxin and stress. Prepare ypur mind: your mindset is as important as your physical preparation.


Health is wealth.

If you are hungry do not eat a big slice of pizza. A thin slice of cucmber or apple can help. Stay hydrated: drink herbal tee or/and filtered water.
Sauna and steam room or a hot bath, massage – all these assist your body kicking aout the stored fat, stress and toxin.
Choose a whole-body exercise.
2 hours befor bedtime you should finish your last superjuice bottle.


Listen to your body and the introduction of the “average/normal” food should be carried out step by step. Eat salads, veggies, fruits, drink smoothies. Prefer the easy-to-digest food in the first couple of days after your cleanse. Do not shock your body. Love your body.
Continue drinking filtered water, herbal tee and cold-pressed superjuice and move your body reguraly.