We put our heart and soul in Superjuice, but It is not just why our partners love to work with us. 

Our products contains the pure power of nature: fruits and vegetables.  Our ingrediants are fresh juicy assorted fruits and vegetables, that’s why our juices are super yummy.

Fresh every day.

We would never mess our products up by conserving them. We don’t believe in pasteurization and HPP conservation, besides that we don’t believe in additives, flavour enchancers and colourants too.

We believe that everyone needs the best.

We believe that our partners and customers know, that cold pressing mixed with fresh ingredients makes the best juice.

Juices made out of concentrates, pasteurized or made with HPP process are far behind cold pressed juices. Cold pressed juices are way out of those juices league, especially the way they look and taste.

Pasteurization and HPP processing has a strong effect on the product, in a bad way. We are giving you what we are believe in, what we give whoelehartedly to our family and children.

Nóra Kaszányi,multiple award winner famous graphic artist, designed our products packaging. It can be branded effortlessly.

We can make unique designed labels for company retreats.

We deliver countrywide by our contracted forwarding partner and in the outskirt of Budapest by our colleagues.  

We are a Hungarian family buisness, started from our own financial contribution. We came from different fields when we started our buisness. Today we serve more than 60 partners.

Our growing market’s guarantee is the health-conscious customer.

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