The Superjuice products are raw and cold pressed juices, shots and smoothies.


Cold pressing is a technology when we brew ingredients, then we wrap them in a laser punched cloth and press it in a high-performance hydraulic press. No heat is generated during the pressing, so all the vitamines and minerals are retained.

It means, we don’t pastueurize our products and we do not conserve our products with HPP or with any concerving processes. That is why we can say SUPERJUICE products are raw and untreated.

If we would use pasteurisation for preserving, we could increase the durability of our juices, but we would lose the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. A raw Superjuice is consumable for 4-5 days. 

We believe a pasteurized juice is not as tasty and nutritious as the raw and cold pressed juices. In our opinion juices conserved with HPP process are not competitors of the cold pressed fresh ones. Athough products made with these processes are called „juices”, but they are not.

Superjuice products are made out of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our smallest bottle contain 400-500 gramm of ingredients.

We put minimum two enormous handfuls of fresh, juicy spinach leaf into our apple-spinach-lemon juice. Have you ever thought about how easy it is consuming vegetables with drinking juice? This is how we make easy and popular eating vegetables.

A fresh Juice doesn’t last longer than 4-5 days, and of course it has to be cooled.

We could easily recognize fresh juices, because they don’t contain any dietary fibers. Because of that, digesting our juices is very easy. Our body doesn’t waste any energy on digestion.

We mark on our products, as required, how many calories and how much fiber etc. our products contain. 

There is no additional sugar in our products, only fructose comes from the ingredients. 

The more vegetables a juice contains, the less fluctose in it. 


We believe in recycling, thats why we recommend to you to not to throw the bottle away, try to use it again.

If that is not possible, there are a few options:

    • You can put it in your compost (just after you removed the bottle cap and the closure of the cap) 
    • You can put it in a green waste bag
    • You can throw it in your communal bin

You mustn’t throw it in plastic or paper waste-sorting container. (Only the removed bottle cap and the closure of the cap goes in the plastic waste-sorting container.)

 Please check out our blog posts about the PLA bottles for more information.

SUPERJUICE products last up to 4 days from the the date of manufacture, which you will find on the bottle.

Our products have to be stored in a freezer, on the right temperature that you’ll find on our bottle.

We deliver our products in a cooling box. You can buy a cooler on our website, it helps you keep your juices cold while you are bringing them with you to your workplace, or your yoga class etc.

You will find more information about our countryside delivery shocked product from the „delivery to the countryside” menu item. 

In the SUPERJUICE products:

    • there are no additives 
    • there is no additional sugar
    • there is no additional water
    • there are no preservatives
    • there are no flavour enchancers and colourants

We don’t preserve our products that means:

    • our products are not pastourized
    • we don’t use HPP preserving procedure.


Juice or smoothie? Just don’t confuse juice with smoothie, the two products are completely different.

We use turmix for making smoothies, and it has a different role in our diet: Smoothie fills you up and it’s full of dietary fibers. These fibers helps you to clean up your colon.

A cold pressed juice contains dietary fibers. This makes the juice so powerful and healthy, few minutes after we drink it we already digest it. The results are: instant energy, instant vitamin/mineral refill. Our body has the ability to use the enormous amount of energy, that our body would use for digestion, in many other ways. 

The secret of the extraordinary tasty orange juice is that, we wash every orange, peel them and we cut them up. In this method the bitter peels don’t get into the orange juice, and not going to ruin the taste of the fresh orange.

Every healthy person can drink juice, because our juices are raw and untreated. We don’t recommend our juices to people with chronic or acute conditions. If you’re equivocal, consult with your doctor.

Our products are 100% vegan.

Would you eat 10dkg raw spinach leaf or kale? Probably not. You might would like to eat it, but you don’t have enough time or the way the food tastes is bad. Superjuice is a healthy and tasty product, thanks to the fresh ingredients in it. 

Drinking SUPERJUICE every day is part of the healthy lifestyle.

cold pressed superjuice